3×3 is a one-hoop-only basketball game played by 3 players (and one substitute) on each team, it includes inter alia 1×1, 2×2, skill contests and pick-up

3×3 Competition Network

3×3 Competition Network is a FIBA-steered hierarchised system of 3×3 competitions integrating and comprising of the 3×3 Official Competitions as well as all (and only)

FIBA-endorsed event

Any event accepting the FIBA-endorsement terms

3×3 Official Competitions

Olympic Tournaments, FIBA 3×3 World Championships (incl. U18), FIBA Zone 3×3 Championships (incl. U18), FIBA 3×3 World Tour and FIBA 3×3 All Stars

3×3 World Tour

A 3×3 competition organised under supervision of FIBA and comprised of several World Tour Masters and one World Tour Final, with 12 teams representing a city participating in each event; players are free to form teams

3×3 World Tour Qualifier

A 3×3 competition organised by a FIBA-designee where at least one team will qualify for the FIBA 3×3 World Tour Masters in the corresponding catchment area; there are two kind of 3×3 Qualifiers: Quest and Challengers.

3×3 Quest

A 3×3 Qualifier comprised of at least three inter-connected events, with at least 150 participating teams in all categories and events, being open to anybody.

3×3 Challenger

A 3×3 Qualifier comprised of one stand-alone, international tournament with prize money limited to 16 invitational teams.

3×3 Satellite

A Satellite is a 3×3 Tour or single event that is yet too small to be eligible to be a direct WT Qualifier – therefore winning teams of these events are directed by FIBA to suitable 3×3 Challengers.

3×3 Individual World Ranking

3×3 Individual World Ranking is a ranking of all players registered in play.fiba3x3.com based on the ranking points collected at FIBA-endorsed events and pick-ups

3×3 Federation Ranking

3×3 Federation Ranking is the ranking of all National Federations based on the 3×3 Individual World Ranking points of their top 100 nationals (with a confirmed FIBA 3×3 profile) in the respective category (men, women, U18 men, U18 women)

3×3 Backend

3×3 Backend is a database that allows Zones and National Federations to extract reports, follow the 3×3 activity on their respective territory and register players to national-team based 3×3 Official Competitions

Eligibility of players

Confirmed FIBA 3×3 profile at time of registration of the players to a 3×3 Official Competition

Are coaches foreseen in the teams?

No, coaching is not allowed during the competitions. However, coaches or trainers are welcome in preparation to a competition or to increase the skill level of the players.

Is there a specific ball for 3×3?

Yes, FIBA partnered with Wilson to develop a specific FIBA 3×3 ball. You can find more information about the ball in the Ball section of this web site.


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