Mr. Yoshia Kato

Yoshia Kato
Yoshia Kato, Chairman 3BL

A Japanese entrepreneur who has been involved in  professional basketball league from 2016 when Rohit Bakshi approached him to buy a team in Japanese league. i.e. Agleymina.EXE

“Seeing the performance of Indian origin players in the sport, we decided to start the first ever FIBA 3×3 recognised basketball league in Indian Sub-Continent. We plan to make a serious impact on the growth of this sport in the country. Basketball has a fascinating story in the sub-continent. Till a few years ago, most people didn’t know anything about 3×3 Basketball and today it poses a serious opportunity.”

He also owns a Futsal team with a name of Agleymina. Kato has always been a top start up consultant in Japan and currently he owns 42 start up companies in various fields.

Spirituality and passion brought him to India to start a new venture with Rohit where he is looking forward to build the long-term relationship between Japanese and Indian companies.


Mr. Rohit Bakshi

Rohit Bakshi
Rohit Bakshi, Commissioner 3BL

An Indian entrepreneur who grew up in Japan has seen basketball become a vital cog of his life since he picked up a ball for the first time when he was 13. It is a journey that took him to different continents and crossed his paths with many players. In 2009, his move to India exposed him to the Indian Basketball scene. The talent on show impressed him and it sparked a desire in him to establish a professional setup in in the country that fosters elite competition and lays a professional career path for aspiring players.

Our aim is to create a new fan base for basketball in India and the sub-continent by promoting the 3×3 Basketball at a grassroots level and through wider outreach plans for viewers and players both.

As the sporting landscape of our country changes and evolves, this short action-packed format will revolutionise basketball in the Indian Sub-continent. It is definitely going to be a very appealing sport for both brands and audiences.

3×3 Basketball is a highly engaging form of the beautiful game which will going to charm India and the Sub-continent, as it has 144 other countries.


Given the opportunity it represented for them, they decided to bring the league to the Indian Sub-Continent in 2018 and have a showcase event for it in September 2017 at Ambience Mall Gurgaon. The primary aim of establishing a league like this would be to bring international basketball competition to India and Sub-Continent and pave the path for players to make a professional career for themselves in basketball.